One of our most frequently asked questions is, “Is there really a difference?”  

The answer is “YES, a big difference!”  People often think it is just price;  I assure you it is not. 

While there are always exceptions to every rule, store bought products are not of the same quality as spa or pharmaceutical lines.  Your average drug store brands, weighing in at $14.00 – $30.00 a jar, fools us all because of the TV commercials and print ads that are airbrushed with beautiful celebrities promoting the product. 

Let’s be honest, do you really think that Jennifer Aniston uses Aveeno face cream that costs $13.00 a bottle, when her face is her business and she can afford the absolute best of everything?  I think not.

The fact is by doing anything to your skin consistently you will see some difference.  Sadly, most drug store brands are filled with mostly water and with a minimal amount of real ingredients.  Spa lines have a considerably larger amount of ingredient to water ratio, and are often imported from countries such as Switzerland, France, Israel and Germany, to name a few.  Governments in these countries are extremely strict with what they allow their manufacturers to sell to their consumers, so you can rest assured knowing you are receiving the most premium product available.

The other difference is there is far more science behind the products.  The money that is spent on R&D is extensive. 

Pharmaceutical lines are the stronger medical line that has to be supervised by a medical doctor and a certified aesthetician.  When you have skin issues, such as acne or rosacea, it is always advisable to ask for this type of product.  No matter what product you use, try to use products from the same line or brand because the ingredients will work best together. 

Now you know.